Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enrique Carballeira

Enrique Carballeira is a Spanish writer and illustrator who has worked in more than a hundred editorial projects and specially illustrated children books. 
He has done lot of designs for brochures, posters, videogames, animations, newspapers, comic and comic strips and many of his comic characters are fitted fit a good beret.

Thanks, Simón


  1. Hi, I'm Enrique Carballeira, the author of this strip comics, and I'm glad to discover this blog. Ha, ha... It's really very original. Good Job. I dont wear a boina, but my grandpas always had one on their heads. That's How I remember them, so I like to draw some of my characters with a boina...

    1. Hola Enrique! Great to her from you. Would love to hear more from you - could you drop me a line by email? Address: